Weak Woman is an Oxymoron

Ladies DONT BE WEAK! No matter what life throws at you, you have the ability to bounce back! Some time in your life a man is going to hurt you, friends are going to betray you, jobs are going to take advantage of you, life is just going to be throwing you curve balls left and right; Hell life is going to knock you flat on your ass quite a few times in your lifetime. But you're a WOMAN damn it! You are the epitome of the word strength! It’s in your DNA to be able to snap back from anything the world can possibly throw your way! This victim shit has got to stop. Stop curling up in a ball and accepting defeat! *The world keeps moving so you better keep up. If you lay down life is going to run right over you. This world has no mercy for the weak* what you have to know is that you were born with the only man and the only friend you will ever need to be happy and successful in life JESUS. If you put all your trust in Him and put Him first, really what are you crying and being pathetic for!? Woman we were built for greatness! It’s time to live up to our name and live up to our Father’s plans for us.
Will my Real Women stand the fuck up!

Miss Know-it-ALL


Casse AKA Catholic Kittie said...

Well said Miss Know it ALL!

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